Enrique Iglesias

Some Like It Hot

  By George Tsioutsioulas

Enrique Iglesias was born on May 8th 1975. His career on the other hand
began only a short while ago, 1995 to be exact but during those last seven
years he's definitely done a lot of living. He's sold millions and millions
of records. His face has appeared on over 250 magazine covers. He's recorded
in Italian, Portuguese, English and of course Spanish. He's got 116 platinum
records, 227 gold,
26 international awards, including the 1996 Grammy for Best Latin Performer
as well Billboard Magazine's Album of the year in 1997.
The list goes on and on. in fact he's done so well for himself that it's no
longer a big deal that his father is Julio Iglesias.

GT: The last time we talked, your previous album had just come out, the
excitement was mounting around you as you were becoming known not just in
your home country but all over the world. I remember asking you if you were
able to take a few steps away from all the hysteria and the attention to
truly enjoy how great your life is and I you said 'not really' but you were
trying to change that about yourself. So has anything changed?

EI: I took a lot of time to concentrate on this new album and to rethink a
lot of things and I came to the realization that I'm in such a privileged
position so now I feel in my life and in my career I'm happier than ever.

GT: Sometimes you've got to stop and smell the roses bro.

EI: Yes sir.

GT: Not to take anything away from your last album but this one, 'Escape'
definitely sounds like a few steps forward.

EI: Well, I wanted to get better and not only that but I want to be
different every time. I don't want this album to sound like my last. There's
songs on here that I'm very happy about.

GT: One of my favorites would have to be song #3.

EI: 'Love to see you cry'?

GT: Yeah man, that song would sound great blasting out on a dance floor
somewhere in the Mediterranean.

EI: That's true. You hear Europe when you hear that song.

GT: Totally. The title of the record, 'Escape', music should be an escape.
It should take you somewhere when you listen to it and when you connect---

EI: That's why I named it 'Escape'. Sorry to cut you off...

GT: No problem.

EI: You know that feeling when you get in the car and you put on an album
and you forget about everything as you concentrate on the music? That's'
what I wanted this album to do.

GT: The one song that does that for me is the one we mentioned earlier,
'Love to see you cry'. For me the vibe of that song brings me back to my
days partying and island hopping in Greece. What happens when you play your
own songs? Do they take you anywhere?

EI: It depends what song. 'Hero' for example, I know exactly who I wrote
it for and why I wrote it and it brings me back to that place. 'Love to see
you cry', like you said brings me back to summer and my days in Spain and
then a song like the current single,
'Don't turn off the lights' is fun and I'll probably tell the story behind
that song one day but right now it's too embarrassing.

GT: Oh come on, share with the class.

EI: I can't, I can't . What I can tell you is that one day I was reading
an article that basically asked a bunch of people if they like having sex
with the lights on or off and 99% said 'with the lights on'. I'm not saying
you should have a spotlight on your ass but I tend to agree. That's all I'm
going to say right now. When I'm 80 and I don't care I'll tell the full

GT: Alright, fair enough. Let's talk about the video for 'Hero'.

EI: Mickey Rourke is a stud!

GT: He seems like quite the character.

EI: He's amazing.

GT: In my opinion, even if he continues to put out B-movie crap for the
rest of his career, I forgive him because he made 9 1/2 weeks and in my
books that makes everything else okay.

EI: Exactly.

GT: Jennifer Love Hewitt is also in the video. How hot is she?

EI: All I can say is there was not a lot of acting involved on my part
when I had to kiss her.

GT: Life is rough. I feel your pain.

EI: Yeah I know.

GT: You also have a movie directed by Robert Rodriguez coming out. It's
called 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico'. Johnny Depp is in it...

EI: Willem DaFoe...Antonio Banderas...Mickey Rourke...Salma Hayek...

GT: You're in good company. So what's your role in the film?

EI: There's a ten second scene where you see me come out and I'm waving in
the back. It's a good performance because the way that I'm waving you can
actually tell that I'm really acting.

GT: There could be an Oscar with your name all over it.

EI: You never know.

GT: So tell me what do you do when you're not touring the world or
promoting an album?

EI: I sleep. I go into hibernation but if I'm not sleeping and I'm in
Miami I go out on the boat because I live next to the water.

GT: It must be hard always having to be on and always being recognized.
Are you able to truly be yourself in situations like that?

EI: Well, in Miami I know where to go and I'm always hanging with my best
friends that I grew up with so I feel safe but yeah sometimes it does suck.
Like the other day I woke up and I look out and there's a big boat with five
cameras pointing in my direction and I was in my bathroom walking around
naked. What are you going to do?

GT: Now there's a Kodak moment. Alright my friend, its time to wrap it up.
Until next time, take care....and cover up for god sakes!